minimalism part iii
So, how does one simplify? When it comes down to it, what will help you the most in deciding how to live simply is realizing that scanners and big black trash bags are beautiful things. Things that remind you of someone or sometime special can either be scanned into the computer or have a picture taken of them. Clothing that doesn't make you look or feel like the fabulous person you are can be let go of. The six-dozen lotions and creams you have sitting on your bathroom counter? Yeah....those big black trash bags are pretty gorgeous, huh?
See, the hardest part of simplifying is that it is purely individual. What I prioritize is completely different that what you do. Consider this not as a "to-do" list, but an inspiration to live freely. 
Live unhindered. 


  1. "live unhindered."
    your blog is beautiful and simple and beautiful.

  2. yes yES YES! I did just this last month and OH MY GOODNESS MY LIFE IS CHANGED. really. it may be all about perspective, but, gosh, it helps to throw things away and let go of the unneeded, to make room for the especially needed.

  3. i just found your blog, how beautiful! love the style.