There's a simple joy in a fair. Sure, there's deep-fried anything that will make your head spin and stomach churn just thinking about it, but seeing little faces light up when they see a carousel or a ferris wheel is amazing. Or, you could be my nine-year old sister and immediately go towards the "g-force" of doom. Take your pick.

Slowing down like this makes me so happy. I can sit back, slurp on my rootbeer float (holy cow that thing was good), and relive what it means to be content with life. 

But not for too long, of course. The g-force calls your name pretty quickly. 


  1. love love love this. the atmosphere of fairs is something I hope I don't grow out of. you're so talented, dearie.

  2. the fair is pretty much the only reason I love summer. (i'm totally a winter girl :P) these are so happy and full of color. i adore the last three especially.

  3. Beautiful colors. Beautiful pictures.